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The level of innovation here is also impressive: regenerating marine debris degraded by the sun and wind and ocean currents is no mean feat.

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Turning ocean plastic into something we actually wear to the beach.

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Volunteering helps their activities in order to stop the marine pollution. It's ok to pick up garbage on your own and think about the environment.

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At first glance they look like any other jandal. But the plastic in your Subs' jandal sole could have once been floating in the ocean as plastic pollution.

Environmentally conscious brand Subs have worked out a way to transform plastic pollution into a solution… flip flops, or thongs as they call them in Australia. These guys walk the walk and run all sorts of awesome initiatives including marine debris clean ups. The range of colours – yellow, pink blue, green to name but a few – and choice between regular and slender means subs are slowly taking over the world and should really be on your feet too.

For every pair of jandals sold, they pledge to remove half a kilogram of plastic from the oceans. And when the jandals themselves wear out, customers can simply send them back to Subs. They'll be ground up into pellets and go through the whole manufacturing process again. It's a completely circular process. "Although we haven't had any sent back yet – perhaps we've made them too well," Andrew jokes.

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