Petny Tee
  • Petny Tee

    By purchasing this Tee, you will remove one kilo of marine debris from the ocean.


    We are preselling/crowdfunding these tees because there is a lengthy process in making them and the materials need to be cleaned and processed which takes quite a lot of time and work and also the mill that sews our shirts together requires us to make a large number of tees at a time, 1,000 in fact!


    We want to make sure we have enough support to commit to these numbers before we make the final plunge into processing all of the fishing nets and PET bottles required to make such a large amount of tee shirts, which is why we are going the crowdfunding way.

    Due to Covid-19 slowing down our usual business operations we have had to delay the production of our tees, we thank all of our pre-buyers for your patience, we are still working on making this happen with delivery now expected for October - November 2020.

    We are truly very sorry for the delays, and are doing our best to ensure you get your tees as soon as possible.


    Enter the discount code PETNY2020 at checkout to get the 20% discount.


    Subs' tees are made from recycled PET plastic bottles and recycled nylon fishing nets that were once in the ocean and now have found a new purpose in life, being your t-shirt.


    Subs' recycled plastic tees come individually boxed.

    Every tee purchased funds the removal of one kilo of marine debris from the ocean.


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