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Get in touch with us if you're keen on customising your brand with our products, simply send us your designs to (in .ai format), and we can prepare some mockups to see how your design will look on our jandals, bags or tees, all made from recycled materials!

Here's what we can do for you:

  • custom jandal top sole & side prints

  • custom tee prints

  • custom bag prints

Check out some examples of our own custom prints and custom/corporate branded designs we have done for other companies. 

Keep NZ Beautiful Custom
Hikotron Custom Tees
The B Custom Totes
The B Custom Totes
California Koumuten Custom Side Print
Life In Taiwan Regular Custom
May Jam Custom White Print White Straps
May Jam Custom White Print Black Straps
May Jam Custom Red Print
Trek Lightly Custom
Cosmicos Custom Design
Sheryl May Pink Tiger
Sheryl May Gold Floral
Sheryl May Pink Tiger
Sheryl May Gold Floral
Daredevils Cricket Club Custom Red
Daredevils Cricket Club Custom Black
Silver Fern Slender
Silver Fern Regular
Little Pig Slender
Little Pig Regular
Kids Can Slender Custom Design
Kids Can Regular Custom Design
Whale In Love Custom II
Whale In Love Custom
Carpe Diem Slender Custom
Carpe Diem Regular Custom
Nintex Slender Custom
Nintex Regular Custom
Good Cube Custom
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