FINALLY! Some good news, our first Petny tee-shirt production run is complete and we are shipping now!

Subs' tees are verified by The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) meaning verified recycled input material, tracked from input to the final product, and also ensures responsible social, environmental practices and chemical use through production.


The tee is designed by Gareth Owen of New Zealand, and in his words:

"From the heart of Subs' ethos - bringing new life from and for the sea. This design emboldens the wearer with strength, prosperity and abundance, a connection to the earth, sea and sky. Symbolised through the hook of Maui and the unfurling of a new frond, what was once discarded has been gathered, transformed and given new life".



50% recycled fishing nets (nylon)


50% RPET, 6 PET bottles per t-shirt


100% recycled material tee!