By purchasing a pair of Subs' jandals you will remove one kilo of marine debris from the ocean.

One Pair. One Kilo.

Fallen Heroes NZ Fundraiser, Jandals, Flip Flops, Thongs
KidsCan Fundraiser Sea Souls Jandals Flip Flops Thongs

Each pair of Subs' The Anzac Print repurposed plastic jandals not only removes one kilo of marine debris from our oceans but also supports the New Zealand Fallen Heroes Trust.


Subs' The Anzac Print, available and shipping now.

Each pair of Subs' Sea Souls repurposed plastic flip-flops not only removes one kilo of marine debris from our oceans but also supports one child in need for a whole month!

Subs' Sea Souls, available and shipping now.

Commercial, Industrial & Ocean plastic waste PVC collected.

Waste PVC extruded into Recycled PVC (RPVC) pellets.

RPVC pellets heat injected into molds creating Subs premium PCU flip-flops.


Worn out pairs shredded into RPCU pieces and added with RPVC for repurposing into new pairs of Subs!

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Smashed PET.png
Pellets PET.png




Thread PET.png



PET Bottles

PET Smash

Extruded PET pellets

Fiber PET.png


bottle green.png
bottle green.png

Woven into fabric & made into bags.

Spun into thread

Processed into yarn

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How We Clean The Ocean

Subs Recycled Plastic Flip Flops, Beach Clean Up Taiwan Miaoli Da-An

Through our own beach cleaning teams, partnerships and sponsors, we stop plastic pollution by removing plastic trash from coastlines before it makes it to the ocean.

For each pair of Subs' flip-flops you purchase, we get out there and remove one kilogram (two pounds) of plastic debris from our ocean ecosystems. 

Subs Recycled Plastic Thongs Global Impact

The ocean gyres cough their waste back up onto beaches, so beach cleans are a major factor in overall ocean cleanliness.

To clean the ocean as fast as possible we involve thousands of people globally. If you're interested in starting your own beach cleaning group, or already have one, we'd love to hear from you.

Our jandals are cleaning the oceans.

Through global support and the purchase of Subs' flip-flops we've removed


kilograms, or 372,537 pounds of marine debris from the ocean to date.

Unisex Sizing.

Texas Tea Subs Jandal, Thong, Flip Flop

Symbolizes your commitment to cleaner oceans.

Regular and Slender fit soles and straps.

Custom top and bottom sole grip for added anti-slip in wet conditions.

Tapered footbed for extra durability and comfort.

Every pair represents the one kilo of marine debris that you removed from the ocean.

Made from 100% recycled, recyclable and upcyclable materials.

By purchasing Subs' flip-flops, you will remove one kilo of rubbish from the ocean.

Subs' Yellow Sub Flip-Flops

Join the movement - literally!

Subs' Silver Fern

Kiwi As

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