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Meet the team at Subs

Our dedicated team of professionals is passionate about product sustainability and ocean conservation.

I am from

Mid-Canterbury, New Zealand, I

served with the New Zealand Army in 

1RNZIR. After my tour, I left the military for work

in the mining services industry in Australia, then 

 moved on to building coal/iron ore mining

infrastructure as a rigger from Queensland to

Western Australia. I have been wearing jandals my

whole life and it just made sense to join  

 the footwear industry in 2016 to try and 

help with the plastic


I am from

Taiwan, James is from New

Zealand, we are Koru Consulting Ltd. 

and also Subs' Hong Kong based partners. We

are a Kiwi & Taiwanese dynamic duo and we are

passionate about sustainability and...jandals! Over

the years we've been able to combine our love of 

game design with training and infuse all of this with  

sustainability. Subs is a natural addition to our 

work with corporate clients, schools and

NGO's across the Asia


Growing up

next to the Pacific Ocean at Dorie,

Mid-Canterbury, New Zealand, I have

witnessed the effects of plastic pollution on 

NZ beaches since childhood. I graduated from 

The University of Canterbury in 2000 and have lived much of my adult life in Asia where I have been in the footwear industry for over 7 years now. I began

specialising  in recycled plastic footwear when 

it became evident that plastic pollution

and sustainability are global


Andrew Lambie

Managing Director

 Throughout life I've always

wanted to pursue meaningful ventures, so I

became a reporter after graduating from college in

Texas. Later I worked as a teacher in Asia for several

years. Recently I found a new calling in helping clean

the environment with the Subs mission

to recycle and retail

in the USA.

Don Corzo

Regional Director USA

Carol Lin & James Bishop

Regional Directors Hong Kong

 I grew up in Capul, in the

Philippines, and I got a degree in computer

science in Laguna. After graduating, I worked for

several technology manufacturing companies in the Philippines and Taiwan before joining Subs. I have seen plastic pollution on my home shores,and have

always wanted to get involved in

cleaning up the ocean.

Asmin Corzo

Regional Manager USA

Justin Lambie

Campaign Co-ordinator

 I'm from Medina Ohio, USA,

& a graduate of Virginia Military Institute, 

I served in the United States Marine Corps as

a Combat Engineer. I have been a Scuba Diver since

1990, and currently live in Phuket, Thailand, working as

a freelance underwater photographer, scuba

diving instructor and I am the distributor for

Subs in Thailand.

Dan Evilsizer

Regional Director Thailand

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