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Ethically Made Custom Branded Products

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

We have been in business for over 6 years now and as we grow as a brand we have expanded our business into new areas. One such area is developing custom branded/printed flip-flops for other companies & organisations where we have had the chance to collaborate with some big names over the years, including a property design studio in Japan and a Kiwi designer to name a few.

Not only are we custom branding jandals, but we are now also moving into custom branded Tee-shirts and custom branded tote bags as well. Companies that like to work with us share our ethics and vision of sustainability using recycled materials and having a positive impact on our environment through responsible manufacturing practices.


Late last year we worked with Hamilton-based start-up Hikotron, to make a range of custom branded tees for them. Hikotron is preparing for New Zealand’s electric future, they are an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging start-up, creating state-of-the-art AC public chargers.

Hikotron custom branded tees made by Subs.

Hikotron is working to establish New Zealand’s largest EV AC charging network so that drivers with EVs can travel from destination to destination with the confidence that they can charge their vehicles upon arrival. They were very pleased with the quality of the shirts we made for them and with our process of using recycled fishing nets to PET bottles to make them. Click the link to read more about Hikotron.


We were delighted to get the chance to make these jandals for New Zealand's iconic KNZB.

KNZB custom branded jandals made by Subs.

But as it goes in business sometimes you don't go past the sample stage as was the case this time. We are still optimistic that we will get to make these beauties for KNZB one day, as we really love their iconic design which all Kiwis know so well, and also we love being tidy Kiwis! Fingers crossed these awesome jandals will eventually hit the market, take a look at the KNZB website to see some of the awesome work they do, maybe send them a message of support if you want to see these jandals hit the production line :)


Trek Lightly is an Australian-based startup that is still in the development stage, with a focus on outdoor adventures and keeping garbage out of the wilderness.

Trek Lightly custom branded thongs made by Subs.

We had the opportunity to make these thongs for Trek Lightly, which are currently in the sample stage and will potentially be going into production later this year, watch this space, Trek Lightly will also launch their website later this year, for now, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


California Koumuten is a property design studio based in Tokyo, Japan, comprising of professional architects and real estate appraisers, familiar with fashion, surfing & skateboarding, they custom-design lifestyle houses for people who want to build something a bit different with their living and workspace.

CALIFORNIA KOUMUTEN カリフォルニア工務店 custom branded flip-flops by Subs.

Last year we teamed up with California Koumuten to make this awesome range of custom branded flip-flops. Check out their website here for more info about what they do:


In 2020 we had the chance to work with New Zealand fashion designer Sheryl May to put her unique designs on our unique recycled material jandals, with her Spring & Summer 2020 season collection dubbed 'Life's a beach'.

Sheryl was born and raised in Gisborne, a small seaside town on the East Coast of New Zealand. After studying fashion, languages, and psychology she set off abroad and interned in Spain and London, where eventually she launched her own fashion label Sheryl May and sold to stores across the world.

20 years later, older and wiser and post-Covid lockdown, she is back residing in her hometown and focusing on all those aspects close to her heart. With a strong desire to consciously create useful and sustainable designer pieces, a collaboration with Subs is a natural progression.

Sheryl tells us her inspiration behind the designs:

"The Gold Floral design was totally 70's inspired, a fashion trend of the moment, I love the mad mixes of colours that are typical of that era, hence the fabulous mix of pink and mustard gold."

"The Green Tiger fits into a series of fabric prints I have been working on over the last few seasons. I love to mix the unexpected together, and this print which you can see in its whole on actual garments from the SS20 collection features a background floral design overlaid with tigers, budgies, pansies, and jeweled bees, all my favourite things!"

'Green Tiger', designed by Sheryl May custom branded jandals made by Subs.

Check out Sheryl May's website to see more of her awesome designs.

If you share our vision of ethical and sustainable manufacturing and want to make custom branded products all made from recycled materials, why not get in touch and find out what we can do for you?

We will help you through the whole process, from design to samples and then of course the mass production of your custom branded products, plus we will help arrange shipping for you.

Email us at for more info on pricing and MOQs and we can get you started on making custom branded jandals, thongs, flip-flops, whatever you like to call them, and also tees, or tote bags, we can do them all and we can do them well!

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