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Testing out Neon Subs in the Club

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Whether you want to or not, sometimes it happens that you end up going out somewhere unexpectedly, an afternoon out for a few quiet ones becomes a whole evening, you may or may not get in to an esteemed establishment depending on the footwear you have on.

It has happened to me before, day time out with friends for a casual bit of fun in the sun, turns into going out for the evening with that dreaded moment when you realise you didn't come prepared to go out to a club. In most places you can't get into the club wearing your jandals, but might as well try anyway, right?

wearing neon subs flipflops in ultraviolet light
All new Regular Neon Pink by Subs, photo credit @hiroko_photography_n

The Jandal Gambit

On one such occasion, going from a casual evening gathering wearing my jandals to a nightclub, I got to the door of the club realising my night could just about be over if I can't get in with everyone else. A good friend of mine who is now a famous Youtuber, Allan Cooke, pulled a pair of white socks out of thin air to put over my jandals, so they kind of looked like shoes, that is if you didn't look at them directly, and I stood in mostly darkness, you couldn't really tell.

The gamble was they wouldn't be noticed, guess you could call it the jandal gambit?

We walked up to the line to get in, I was carefully standing behind others in the line so the bouncers wouldn't have a clear line of sight to the socks covering my jandals, imposing as make shift shoes. When it came my turn to show ID, my feet were exposed, no cover for the embarrassment of so obviously wearing socks over my jandals, but to wave my hands up high a bit to draw attention away from the ground. Did they look down? Miraculously, somehow, both bouncers did not look down, and I was able to walk right past them both unbeknownst to them in my sock-jandal shoes, they must've looked ridiculous to anyone who did notice!

To see Allan Cooke's awesome YouTube channel, take a look here: lifeintaiwan

But not all places are that strict, there are plenty of bars that will let you wear your jandals on their premises, and if they have UV black lights, then you are in for a treat. Take a look at these Regular Neon Pink Subs in action under UV black light:

man showcasing subs neon pink jandals flipflops
Wearing Regular Neon Pink Subs under UV light in Tokyo, Japan. Photo credit @hiroko_photography_n

Looking pretty sweet there in that UV black light! We have two more colours in the Subs Neon Series, including Neon Green as shown in the pic below, Neon Blue, and coming soon, Neon Orange.

girl showcasing subs neon green slender flipflops jandals
Slender Neon Green by Subs, photo credit: @hiroko_photography_n

Keeping 'em Clean

Some will say 'White soles, really? They'll get dirty too easily!' I won't deny it, but like all jandals they will get dirty, but have you had a real good look at your jandals? No matter the colour, dark or light, they all get filthy and need to be cleaned from time to time, but at least with white soles you'll be certain to take better care of them because the dirt is more visible to naked eye. The solution, clean them more often, plain old soap, hot water and elbow grease will do the trick, wear them while you take a shower, scrub them in the sink, it's that simple.

And if white soled pairs just aren't your cup of tea, we have plenty of alternatives to choose from, did you know our Buy 3 Get 2 Free deal is still running? The Neon Series isn't included in that, and if white soled pairs aren't for you, then heading to the Subs Shop will be a good place to start.

subs original texas tea black gold flipflops jandals
Regular Texas Tea by Subs, photo credit @hiroko_photography_n

In all the six years we have been making Subs flip-flops this is the first time we've tried our special recycled materials formula in white, and the results are great, they look good and the feed back from customers has been positive too, These new Subs are going to be a hit, make sure you grab a pair yourself, maybe test them out yourself under some UV black light, you won't be disappointed!

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