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Famous YouTuber Allan Cooke makes 'Life in Taiwan' custom branded Subs.

Allan Cooke, a British expat living abroad in Taiwan is now a famous Youtuber, with whom we have had the pleasure of making custom branded Subs for Allan's 303,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel called 'Life In Taiwan'.

UK man and son happy
Allan Cooke, of the UK, with his son, William.

Allan has shot to stardom in the YouTube world and we are proud to present to you Allan's very own custom branded 'Life in Taiwan' Subs, featuring Allan's YouTube channel logo, which comprises of the Taiwan flag and the YouTube play button combined to create his own unique design & line of flip-flops.

Made from recycled materials and recyclable when worn out, Allan has created something special and we are super stoked to be able to work with him on this project! As per our usual modus operandi, we will pull 1 kg of marine debris from the ocean for every pair sold, a win for the environment with each step you take.

Life in Taiwan Slender Custom Branded Subs Flip-flops
Featured above: Allan's slender style Subs, with thinner soles & straps.

Life in Taiwan Regular Custom Branded Subs Flip-flops
And Allan's regular style Subs, with wider soles & straps.

Allan first started his YouTube channel to share his life as an Englishman living thousands of miles from home in a country known as The Heart of Asia, and before long his channel took off to now around 303,000 subscribers, wow that is truly an impressive accomplishment, well done mate!

Allan made a YouTube video where he walks a great distance from his apartment in Taichung City to Feng Yuan to catch up with me, before heading to a place called Da Jia to visit the temple of 'Māzǔ 媽祖', a pilgrimage marathon of about `42 km!

He wears the classical Taiwanese 'Lán bái tuō 藍白拖' style slippers, , for the walking marathon, which are basically bathroom slippers. At one point when the going gets tough he takes a break from the bathroom slippers to try out his new custom Subs' merch, and well, you'd better watch the video below to find out how things went down!

These flip-flops are NOW available for PRE-ORDER, get in early to ensure quick delivery!

Estimated delivery time: August 2023

Get a 10% discount when you enter this code at checkout:


We hope you enjoy the video everyone, and if you did, please be sure to subscribe to Allan's channel to see many more exciting video's about Allan's Life In Taiwan, thank you!

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