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Ocean Enthusiast Turns Eco-retailer

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

In North Devon, in the UK, there's a small village called Knowstone, where we have managed to find a gem of an eco-conscious retail partner called Sup Soul. Run by ocean & beach lover Alison Taylor, this store only stocks products from suppliers that use recycled materials in their manufacturing process.

woman paddle boarding in ocean UK
Sup Soul co-founder Alison Taylor paddle boarding near a beach at Combe Martin, Devon, The UK..

Alison is an avid open water swimmer and paddleboarder, and her story into the eco journey began when she wanted to find bikinis that wouldn't just "fall off" which led her to found Sup Soul:

"My original thoughts were if I’m having trouble finding specific swimwear I’m sure others would like a central site to buy an assortment. I also wanted to help the oceans that I love so finding items made from recycled plastic made it all worthwhile. And so Sup Soul came to be."

paddle boarding around Devon, the UK
Paddle boarding around the coast of Combe Martin, Devon, The UK.

At Sup Soul, every product you can find is made from recycled materials, including hair scrunchies, face-masks, long leggings, swimsuits & bikinis, plus of course our very own Subs flip-flops. Alison is building Sup Soul from the ground up, and like a lot of entrepreneurs she is still working a full time job while she grows her eco-dream:

"Subs became a big part of my range right at the start especially as I already had a pair before starting the business.

Sup Soul eco-retailer, eco-brands, the UK
Sup Soul pop-up store featuring a range of eco brands.

If you've ever considered a trip to Devon, why not get in touch with Alison and get yourself sorted with some eco gear, then head out paddle boarding around the idyllic coast of Combe Martin, it looks stunning!

sunset in Devon, the UK

To take a closer look at Sup Soul, visit Alison's website:

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