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Repair Your Jandals For More Summers

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

How to get a lot more summers out of your jandals: replace your straps on your pair of Subs.

When a jandal blowout occurs and the plug snaps off too, that generally means the unfortunate end of your jandals and time for a new pair. That's not ideal when your soles still have plenty of life left in them though, and repairing your jandals is not a service you'll see every day from jandal companies. That's not to say our straps will snap easily, we've had reviews from customers that have worn their pairs of Subs for as long as four and a half years before requiring a replacement set of straps. And with wear and tear over that long, it's only natural that eventually, a strap plug will give, but luckily we have a strap replacement service so you can repair your trusty pair of Subs for more summers to come.

Joyce B. was stoked to be able to replace the straps on her pair of Subs that she'd had been wearing for nearly 4.5 years!

Below, we are going to show you a step-by-step on how to replace the straps on your Subs.

Step #1 - Cut off the old straps

Simply snip the plugs off as close as you can to the sole to make the plug removal easier.

Step #2 - Remove the plugs

Pull the plugs out using alligator pliers, or if you have the might just pull them out by hand.

Step #3 - Push pliers through underside plughole

Poke the pliers through the plughole from the underside of the sole.

Step #4 - Pull plug tip into sole

This is definitely the tricky part and requires a bit of strength. The trick is to get a small part of the plug into the hole, enough so that when you push it from the other side it will go through.

Step #5 - Push strap through plughole

Again, a bit tricky and requires some elbow grease, a lot of it actually. To make it easier though, use the pliers to push the plug through the plug hole over a gap, as shown in the pic, there's less resistance in pushing it through this way.

Step #6 - Repeat Step #5 x 2

You've got to do this step six times to replace a pair of straps, you could well be ready for a drink after that effort!

Step #7 - Good as new, put them on!

Well done, you've replaced your straps on your Subs and they're ready to hit the road again!

We are happy to offer you a straps repair service if it means you can get more summers of wear before needing a new pair and when you do need a new pair or two, don't forget you can send your old pairs back to us for recycling, and get a discount on your next purchase as well.

One last thing, we have actually added an option to buy additional straps on our website when you make a purchase or you can just grab a pair of straps if that's all you need.

Check it out here: Slender Straps and Regular Straps.

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