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Why You Need SUBS On Your Next Adventure

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

We love adventure! A lot of us are itching to get back to travel abroad, but with the Covid-19 pandemic into its second year now, international travel for travel's sake or going on holiday overseas is still highly restricted or not even happening at all.

That does open up travel locally though, and if it's warm enough you'll be wanting your trusty Subs with you to make sure when you're in downtime and kicking off your shoes to relax after a big day out of doing what you do during adventure time, your Subs will be right there with you. Whether you're into hiking, going to the beach, or whatnot, your Subs are a must-have in all adventure situations!

Adventuring in Sri Lanka, sent in from Subs' fan Moreesio C.

In fact, it is on our adventures when you quickly realise the things that are must-have travel items and the things that aren't. Here are a few reasons why Subs are a must-have adventure accessory:

Our flip-flops are super durable, they are so durable in fact that when we were testing them way back when we hiked up a mountain and back again in them. It's pretty crazy hiking mountains in jandals, but hey, you got to know if they will last the distance, and ploughing up a mountain is a sure way to find out and find out we did. You want to know that your flip-flops are going to last the distance of your adventure, you can rest assured that Subs will go the distance.

West Glacier, Montana USA, sent in from Subs fan Cory B.

Another reason Subs are an adventure must-have is our straps won't pop out on you! This is a biggie in terms of flip-flops, when straps pop out, that's it, they're going to keep popping out on you, and usually, it will happen at the most inconvenient time. Not ours though, because our straps are designed to grip and fit the soles perfectly, the materials won't wear out in the plug hole area as other flip-flops do, meaning they will keep on gripping and holding where other flip-flops wear out. Subs won't let you down or let you fall down for that matter!

While you're out and about on your adventures wear your stylish Subs with pride, knowing that they are made sustainably from recycled materials. You know yourself that wearing Subs means you have supported the environment and circular economy manufacturing because each pair we sell means one kilo of marine debris will be removed from the ocean, that's one kilo of plastic that is no longer in the ocean, a great yarn to tell when you meet people on your adventures.

Happy traveling everyone, we'd love to see where you have been adventuring, feel free to send us a pic of yourself wearing your trusty Subs on your travels, to

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