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Ocean Plastic - Turning off the supply at the source.

Abandoned & lost fishing gear make up 10% of ocean plastic waste and nearly half, or 46% to be precise, of all ocean plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is discarded fishing nets. The destruction caused by plastic waste to marine life is catastrophic to ocean eco-systems and a serious threat to the survival of our oceans.

Stopping the supply of ocean plastic at its source is the best way to tackle the global plastic pollution issue and if fishermen aren't discarding their waste fishing nets into the ocean there is a huge chunk of ocean plastic reduced already.

Subs has teamed up with plastic processor Ecomax in Taiwan to source fishing nets from fishermen before they are discarded as waste into the ocean, to be brought back for onshore repurposing of nylon into thread that can be used in clothing. Plus with a supply of recycled PET bottles repurposed into yarn, we are able to combine the two threads to make a very comfy & eco-friendly fabric suitable for all kinds of clothing manufacturing.

The recycling process of PET bottles to thread that will be used in Subs' Petny Tees. The nylon from the recycled fishing nets follows a similar process.

The fishermen are offered cash incentives to bring back their nets that they might otherwise just toss overboard, and in turn, we are able to process their plastic waste into exciting new products and reduce the flow of plastic waste into the ocean. Implemented globally on a large scale this system could have a massive impact on our oceans, and that's where you can help!

Currently, we are taking preorders for our first range of tees made from recycled PET bottles and recycled fishing nets. That's where the name PETNY comes from actually, PET from the type of recycled plastic bottles used, and NY from the nylon fishing nets, The whole tee-shirt process takes quite a while and a lot of work to make which is one of the reasons why we are running a presales campaign with early-bird discounts and to make sure we have enough support before committing to mass production.

Discounts for early-bird supporters:

We ran an online graphic design competition to select the design for our first range of PETNY tees. The winning design was created by designer Gareth Owen of New Zealand. Gareth told us his inspiration for the design:

"From the heart of Subs' ethos - bringing new life from and for the sea. This design emboldens the wearer with strength, prosperity and abundance, a connection to the earth, sea and sky. Symbolised through the hook of Maui and the unfurling of a new frond, what was once discarded has been gathered, transformed and given new life".

Join us in making an impact on our oceans' well-being, stopping the supply of ocean plastics is critical to our oceans' survival. Not only do you get a pretty cool tee-shirt, but you also have the knowledge that you helped reduce ocean plastic waste at its source and made it into something useful, For every one of Subs' products sold we remove 1 kilo of marine debris from the ocean and in this instance, the 1 kilo of marine plastic is literally the recycled plastic in your brand spanking new awesome tee-shirt!

Grab yourself a tee-shirt with a difference that makes a difference:

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